A collection of carefully-designed, evergreen garments and accessories suitable for uniforms, workwear or just kicking around with friends – sure to never go out of style.


Made to order All products are made to order quickly and efficiently. This means there is no wasted energy used producing, packaging and transporting fabrics and dead stock around.
Sustainable fabrics We have sourced quality fabric and materials from local suppliers that will be produced indefinitely, not for trends or fast fashion. We also use comfortable but tough blend fabrics that we know from experience last a long time. We even have a range of fabrics made from recycled PET bottles and recycled cottons.
Quality construction Years of experience making clothing for corporate clients in the service industry (and beyond) means we know how important quality is. Here you’ll find only the best construction, and no corners cut.

UNuniform Aprons

Face masks

UNuniform Shirts